Free school meals for those who need them - Recent postcard designs for a NELMA campaign to demand access to free school meals for families with no recourse to public funds.

NELMA _ aurelia

A recent illustration for Waitrose Magazine, that featured Thom Eagle's First Catch. 


Identity stamp for 'Krokalia' an interior design studio and consultancy.


I have started working with 'bulb' a wonderful green energy company that you should all consider switching to because they are doing excellent things ! 


Illustration for the 2018 Spring Issue of Planet Mindfulness Magazine on facial Reflexology


A new personal project of mine is to develop my drawings into paintings and explore working with new materials - here is a taster of more to come! 


New Artwork for Vinyl release by Elder Island featuring singles 'Welcome State' and 'Bonfires'. 'Bonfires was released this month too- with Artwork below and new video by the beautiful mind of  Nic Kane .You can pre-order the Vinyl / buy some artwork through their shop.




Last week I had the pleasure of joining Lydia CS  from Kaleidoworks, to host a moving image / drawing  2 day workshop at Emily Ball at Seawhite studios in Sussex. We had a lot of fun as a group collaborating on drawing from movement and creating movement in our drawings.  


Excited to share that @timothyeverest_redchurch will be featuring my illustrations of their Autumn Winter collection over the coming weeks on their Instagram feed. Follow them to see this series alongside the wonderful @jimmarsdenphotography 's beautiful film photography.


I am proud to share a new animation for 'Welcome state', a collaboration between myself and Elder Island. Focusing on Katy Sargent's lyrical influences drawn from memories of childhood summers spent with family, time ideally where you have the freedom from responsibilities and can exist in the care of the world around you.

Through the ambiguity and fluidity of the line work you are taken through different perceptions of landscapes and figures - sometimes becoming the landscape or interacting with it ; Exploring the feeling of being held and immersed in the care your immediate environments alongside the people in your life that create these surroundings that enable you to be in a present state.


Some new artwork for Elder Island's single Welcome State - you can hear it here


An animated short for Manny & Me  a London based nanny and manny agency - check them out .

This week I am really enjoying bringing some of my drawings to life 

A few spot illustrations for Renfrewshire council.

These came in the post today - out now to buy for your reading pleasure -